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Mysterious Press launches 26 backtitles as e-books!

Olden is recognized as a masterful crime novelist. His work has been acclaimed as "superior to just about all thriller writers for knockout characterizations and superbly whimsical dialogue…" and "a master of intrigue and adventure".

Mysterious Press launches 26 backtitles as e-books!

Click on links below for more information on the following titles:
~ Black Samurai Series
~ Book of Shadows
~ Cocaine
~ A Dangerous Glamour
~ Giri
~ The Harker Files Series
~ The Informant
~ Narc Series
~ Poe Must Die
~ Wellington's

When terrorists butcher his Sensei, a samurai takes vengeance in blood.

To fulfill an ancient rite of vengeance, two druids descend on New York City.

A meticulous account of the greatest drug scourge the country has ever seen

When a dispute between modeling agencies turns to all-out war, beautiful people get ugly

A brutal serial killer, expert in martial arts, terrorizes New York and is opposed only by a karate-savvy cop.

Chasing a scoop on the CIA, a reporter finds his own name on the hit list

Facing a long jail sentence, a woman takes a dangerous job for the New York Police Department.

A narcotics agent comes between a dealer and the biggest heroin shipment in history.

A satanist threatens the planet, and only Poe has the imagination to stop him

Wellington's, it's okay to break hearts, but never break your reservation

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