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Rescued by a Japanese samurai master, trained for seven years, Robert Sand became the Black Samurai, a man to be reckoned with. And having suffered at the hands of military racists and seeing his teacher and brother samurai killed before his eyes by the military terrorists, Robert Sand became a man with a mission - a killing machine, out to destroy the corrupt powers who had taken the lives of his friends.


A vast secret global network of money, power, and violence was step by step enslaving mankind. It's mysterious master commanded armies of men, gigantic corporations, entire governments. Robert Sand had orders to stop this vast juggernaut of evil at any cost. With his bare hands at the ready, and no holds barred, the Black Samurai set out to destroy the destroyers....


Robert Sand knew that saving New York from atomic destruction was close to mission impossible, even for him. Ranged against him was a monstrously rich murder-master, who could deliver a diabolical doomsday device, and a vast army of trained killers. It was Robert Sand's bare hands against the most sophisticated weapons of modern science as the Black Samurai plunged into his most dangerous adventure ever.....


Pearl was the King of the Pimps. Pay Pearl his price, and you could get whatever perverted kick you wanted. Cross Pearl, and his army of expert assassins would do a number on you. But now Pearl has snatched the wrong little runaway, and Robert Sand, master of the martial arts, vowed to tear apart this worldwide empire of flesh with his bare hands. The Black Samurai's orgy of vengeance was about to begin .....


Dessalines, black, blooodthirsty, and insane was head of The Inquisition, a terrorist organization sworn to wipe out anyone who got in their way. But The Inquisition made one mistake. They kidnapped the daughter of the most powerful man in America and suddenly they had Robert Sand to deal with. The Black Samurai had three days to find Dessalines and stop an execution that could unleash destruction and evil across the nation....


The Warlock ruled an occult empire that stretched around the world. This evil genius with his slavelike army of hideous killer dwarfs, gorgeous women, sadistic perverts, and other devotees of his devil-worshiping religion now reached out to grasp ultimate power over all the nations of the earth. Only Robert Sand, Black Samurai, could hope to exorcise this monstrous threat, or else himself be thrown into the bottomless pit of pain and body-mangling death......


Politics make sinister allies and there was never a more deadly combination than an Arab terrorist group backed by billions in oil money, and a right-wing organization masterminded by a U.S. Senator. They were out to deliver a savage one-two punch against America by murdering the entire crew of a Soviet-American space shot. Corpse by corpse they moved closer to their goal of pushing America over the brink, and Robert Sand, Black Samurai, had only his mastery of the martial arts to hold back this steamroller of endless wealth and infinitely evil power....


....A fabulous sword of gold and rubies, created centuries ago for the Emperor of Japan. Robert Sand taught by his sensei to revere this wondrous weapon was enraged at the idea of the Katana in the diabolical hands that had stolen it. Between Sand and this sacred symbol stood a lethal legion commanded by Mafia blood money and Arab oil wealth - but the Black Samurai was ready to take that army apart with his bare hands to get those hands on the monstrous man at the top....

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